Wednesday, May 7 at 4:30pm

Northern Alberta Transportation Club (NATC) Transportation Conversation

NATC Transportation Conversation:
When: May 7th, 2014 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Where: Century Grill, 3975 Calgary Trail
Tickets: $25 for members / $40 for non-members & at the door (Includes your first drink, appetizers and entry for door prizes)

Saturday, May 10 at 4pm


Roller Derby is back with an action-packed double-header:

Game 1:
Thrashin' Lassies vs CCRD Kill Jills (Calgary, AB)
Game 2:
Cut Throat Car Hops vs DamCity Rollers (Castlegar, BC)

** Children under 12 FREE **

SEASONS PASS - $60. If you purchase your season ticket online, please exchange at the door. Season tickets include admission to the May 10th event.

Saturday, May 17 at 8am

Another Kick Ass Bootcamp - Calgary Roller Derby Association

The Calgary roller derby association is proud to present ANOTHER KICK ASS BOOTCAMP. This 2 day camp will feature some amazing coaches. It will be a co-ed bootcamp that is also open to level 3 juniors.

Saturday May 17: 8am to 5pm
Sunday May 18: 10am to 6pm

Coaches will include Onda Sligh (Oly Rollers and Team USA), Lilly Lightning (Seattle Derby Brats, sponsored by GRN MNSTR) and Demanda Riot from Bay Area Derby Girls.

You must bring proof of Roller Derby Insurance to the bootcamp, if you fail to do so could mean you don’t skate.

Friday, May 23 at 7:15am

Edmonton’s King (or Queen) of Karaoke

Live at On The Rocks it's Edmonton's King (or Queen) or Karaoke. Don't miss this one! Get $50 bucks in value for the price of $30 plus you donate to charity, and, a get great night out.

Where: On The Rocks
When: Friday May 23rd, 2014. Have to be there by 7:15 p.m.
Why: Because everyone wants to be a rock star, and it is for charity.
Who: Edmonton’s 12 best Karaoke singers and a few celebrity guests.
Cost: $30, with 100% of proceeds going towards MS Bike Tour.

With your $30 ticket you will receive one drink ticket at the door, a $20 GC from On the Rocks and a $25 GC from Oodle Noodle.

Saturday, May 31 at 6pm

Operation Zombies

It has happened, the markets have crashed, the internet is offline,cell tower's, power grids, water and sewer are all gone. The world has ended as we know it. Plague's and disease have swept across the world taking the population of 7 billion to an estimated 500 million world wide. Governments have fallen and gang's, terrorist's and thugs have taken over. The few military groups left have mostly become for profit soldier's of fortune and the police force's still surviving are nothing more than well armed gangs.

20 years after the original market crash, a new virus hits the planet. Speculation from some scientists still able to work are that this is a man made engineered virus. Rumors are coming in from all over that when people catch this, they seem to die quickly but do not stay dead. They come back to life with a desire for human flesh. Any living human's who are bitten by these "walking dead" seem to die and reanimate within seconds.

See for all rules

Tickets $30 each + service fees.

First 50 sign-ups get a free patch. T-shirts available with your order for $15 each. Members can also pre-order Tracer Units for $50 (limited quantities).

Thursday, July 31 at 5pm

NATC Annual Membership Dues

**Please disregard the date listed at the top in blue. The NATC membership will be valid until December 31st, 2014**

If you are transportation professional and support the movement of goods via road, rail, runway or logistically,
NATC membership is for you!

NATC membership offers both business and professional development. With your membership and participation, you’ll have access to fellow industry professionals, allowing exchange of ideas and experience that will shape the growth of your business and career.
IMPORTANT - Secure your membership before November 19th to be eligible to win an Edmonton Oilers game Executive Suite ticket.

Following payment, please make note of your confirmation number and complete the registration form here:

More information/benefits of membership can be found at the NATC website:

Friday, August 22 at 9am


Western Canada's Largest MilSim Event with over 500 acres of playable land including rivers, forest, gravel pit, desert and buildings.

This year the camps will be changed slightly, ISAF camp will be in the same location but please due to the amount of people attending there will only be one vehicle at the camp for emergencies but we will have other vehicles running back and forth so no other vehicles are allowed.

So remember this is a MilSim, be ready for the elements. We will post additional kit supplies that are recommended and that you will need.

We have also broken up the level of play to 3 tiers, Posted below. When registering, make sure you pick the right tier.

This is the elite of the elite in units. These units are expected to play right through (36Hr.) the game. They will be starting at 09:00 Friday and going right through till 14:00 Sunday.

These are the harden veterans of the core and a very important role in the military. They will have a base camp set up and operate from there. These players are only expected to 12-16 hours a day under the field command.

These are the newest players to milsim and they will be playing under the supervision of the main force groups. They are expected to be out in the field for 8-10Hr a day with the option to partake in helping out the main force at night with fire pickets, patrols, intel gathering, or just sitting around the camp fire telling stories.